Gaslighting In Friendships

When we allow someone into the most intimate parts of our life, we expect to be able to trust them.

We expect that we can trust them to be kind and considerate of our personal beliefs, our life goals and even our personal well-being.

But everyone isn’t always able to do that.

Sometimes, we allow people into our life that are not capable of offering us the support that we expect from the people that are closest to us.

This might be due to a pattern of unhealthy relationship patterns on their part or they might just be unwilling to show us the respect that we deserve.

Sometimes, we can find ourselves in friendships that become just as toxic as abusive romantic relationships.

When a friend begins showing signs of utilizing emotionally abusive tactics in their relationships, we can’t always see it right away. Because of this, toxic friendships can sometimes last longer than they should.

Gaslighting in friendships can often remain unnoticed unless we take a closer look at how our life is being impacted by what we are experiencing.

Toxic friends gaslight us by attempting to convince us to see reality, and even ourselves, in a way that is often contrary to the truth.

Sometimes, gaslighting in friendships can be something as insidious as a friend pretending to support us while simultaneously doing things to sabotage our success behind our back.

Triangulation, which can occur in any kind of toxic relationship, is another common way that gaslighting occurs in friendships.

We don’t always understand the importance of recognizing, and separating ourselves from, toxic friends until it’s far too late.

Whether we realize it or not, our friendships impact our life in a way that even our romantic partners and family members can’t.

So, the kinds of friends that we choose to surround ourselves with matters.

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