The Ugly Truth About Many Churches

Across the Christian community, there have been an increasing amount of discussions regarding the ways in which the Christian church has changed over the last few decades.

Many churches have become more modern in the way that they operate, the way that they approach their members and even in the way that they approach political and social issues.

While it is important for churches to remain firmly connected to the core values that Jesus gave us to uphold, people often spend far too much time criticizing the superficial ways in which the Christian church has changed while neglecting to address the more significant issues that need to be dealt with within the Christian community.

It’s easy to target a church because it outwardly claims to incorporate religious principles from other religions into its doctrine. It’s easy to attack a church for the political and social beliefs that are upheld by its religious leaders.

But it takes effort to challenge the fact that there are churches that are claiming to operate under intense spiritual power while neglecting to teach their members to embrace the core values that come with our faith.

It is impossible to have any kind of spiritual power while neglecting to allow the most basic spiritual foundations of the Christian faith to rule in your heart.

While there are many modern changes taking place within the Christian church that do need to be addressed, we should also be addressing the fact that there are many churches claiming to operate under prophetic anointing while neglecting to truly uphold the love of Jesus Christ.

A church that prioritizes prophecy over actually walking in love is not really a church at all and its spiritual practices should be questioned for their legitimacy.

The Spiritual Danger Of Abusive Prophetic Ministries

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